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Do you have old beer cans that you want to sell? Email me at

Thanks for visiting the CANsMART website, the online home of Jeff Lebo's Brewhouse Mountain. Located in the beautiful Conewago Mountains of Pennsylvania (United States of America), the house contains over 96,000 different beer cans, making it the largest collection of beer cans in the world. Many other kinds of breweriana are also on display, including antique neons, trays, chalk figurines, lithos and porcelain signs. Brewhouse Mountain has been featured in Playboy Magazine, FHM (Germany), Loaded (UK), The Guardian (UK), Beer Advocate (US), The New York Post, Fly Magazine (US), Pennlive (US), Beer Cans and Brewery Collectibles Magazine (US), The Keg Magazine(US), The Travel Channel (Extreme Collections), The Home and Garden Channel (Extreme Homes), Country Music Television - CMT (Hillbilly Deluxe), Mav TV - Time Warner Cable (Pack Rats) and the History Channel (The History of Beer).


Maybe you were doing some home remodeling and found some old cans in the attic, crawl space or inside a wall. Or perhaps your grandfather left you a bunch of old cans. WHATEVER YOU DO...DON'T THROW THOSE OLD CANS AWAY!! On this website you will find information that will help you to determine if you might have something valuable. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

If you want to get the most for your old beer cans, soda cans and cork-backed bottle caps (crowns) contact me. I will purchase single cans or entire collections of thousands of cans. I regularly travel across the United States to view collections, so email me to find out when I will be in your area. I am a member of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA) and the East Coast Breweriana Association (ECBA), with 40+ years of experience and a stellar reputation within the hobby. Since I am a collector, I can often offer you more for your cans than a dealer who is just buying cans to re-sell. I can buy your cans outright or, if you prefer, I can sell them for you on consignment. My consignment rates are among the lowest in the hobby; just 10% commission on grade 1 to 1+ flat tops, cone tops and better tabs.

I am currently looking to purchase older beer cans, soda cans and cork-backed bottle caps (crowns) and unrolled flat sheet can samples from former employees or family members of former employees of all breweries and the following can manufacturing companies: Metal Box (Metalbox) UK, Metal Box South Africa, Ferembal, BierEmbal, American Can Company, Continental Can Company, Crown Cork and Seal, Austria Dosen, Carnaud, Carnaud Paris, Carnaud Eurocan, Bender-Werke GmbH, Fritz Zuchner, Gerro-Kaiser Dosenwerk GmbH, Lubecawerke GmbH, PLM, Reads, Schmalbach-Lubeca GmbH, Nacanco, Sofreb, Eurocan, Thomassen & Drijver (Thomassen and Drijver) and Haustrup. If you have any pre-1975 beer cans, unrolled sheets or cork-backed bottle caps, please contact me.

Now, crack open a cold one and enjoy the website!...

Photo by John Pavoncello for LOADED magazine (UK) May 2005 issue.
NEW! Guide to WITHDRAWN FREE and OLIVE DRAB Beer Cans! Click here...
One of my specialties is Withdrawn Free and Olive Drab Beer Cans produced during World War II and several years after, from 1944 to 1950. The guide contains photos and values of over 125 different cans; the largest resource of it's kind on the internet.

Please email if you have any of these cool old cans that you want to sell.

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I specialize in rare beer cans from the U.S. and around the world. Above are a few favorite cans from my collection. I am a buyer of single cans or entire collections. Please contact me if you want to get a fair price for your collectible beer cans, soda cans and cork-backed bottle caps (crowns).



Click here to view a video and story on Jeff Lebo's Brewhouse Mountain.