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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will Jeff buy my beer cans or soda cans?
A Yes. I am interested in single cans or entire collections which contain a significant number of flat top (which required an opener to get at the contents) and cone top cans. I collect beer and soda cans. The best way to start is to send me an email at with a few photos of your cans. You can also call 717-938-4332. Click here for more information on selling your cans.

Q Will Jeff come and pick up my collection of cans?
A Yes. Just email me at and tell me where you live. I am based in Pennsylvania, which is centrally located on the east coast of the US. I also have many colleagues throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa who may be nearer to you. Click here for my contact info.

Q I found some old cans while I was remodeling my house. Are they valuable?
A Probably. The best thing to do is to send a few photos to me at I will take a look and give you an honest assessment of your cans. Click here for tips on what to look for to determine if your cans are valuable.

Q Does Jeff have any cans for trade or sale?
A Yes. I only save one of each label variation. If I have two of a can, it goes into my trade stock. I also sell cans on consignment. Email me to let me know what you're looking for...I just might have it. Email Jeff now.

Q I'm interested in starting a beer can collection. Can Jeff give me some advice on beer can clubs and organizations?
A Yes. The largest beer can and breweriana club in the world is called the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA). There are local chapters of the BCCA all over the US and in some other countries as well. The BCCA website is I would highly recommend joining. It is a great group of people. Link to BCCA website

Q Will Jeff sell my cans on consignment?
A Yes. I will sell your cans on consignment. You set your asking price and I will do the work. I charge just 10% commission for grade 1 to 1+ flat tops, cone tops and better tabs, 20% for grade 1- flat tops, cone tops and better tabs, and 30% for grade 2+ and lower flat tops, cone tops and better tabs. Cans are consigned for one year. If they don't sell in one year, you have the option to lower the price or have any unsold cans returned to you. Click here to contact Jeff about selling your cans on consignment.