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Kazillions of Kegs priced from $9.95 and up.

Click on any item below for photo and price.
Here are all the items in this category:

5L Algonquin (Canada)
5L Alpirsbacher (green)
5L Alpirsbacher Klosterbrau
5L Apostel Pils
5L Barbarossa
5L Beck's (dented)
5L Bellheimer Lord
5L Berliner Burger Brau
5L Berliner Kindl Pils
5L Berliner Kindl
5L Binding Export Privat
5L Bischoff Pils (Woodgrain)
5L Bitburger
5L Braugold Pils
5L Brinkhoff's
5L Carolus (Woodgrain)
5L CNEUNAHO... Russian??
5L Dab 2
5L Dab Original
5L Dinkel Acker CD Pils
5L Dinkel Acker CD script
5L Dinkel Acker Original
5L Dinkel Acker Privat
5L Domhof
5L Dortmunder Actien Bier
5L Dortmunder Kronen Pils (Woodgrain)
5L Eichbaum Apostel
5L Eichbaum Eichkrone
5L Eichbaum Pilsener1
5L Eichbaum Pilsener2
5L Einbecker Brauherren
5L Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock
5L Eku (Woodgrain)
5L Eku
5L Eku2
5L Erzquell
5L Faust1
5L Faust2
5L Fiege Pils (Woodgrain)
5L Formosa (Canada)
5L Formosa Party Keg (Canada)
5L Frankenheimer1
5L Frankenheimer2
5L Frankenthaler (shiny woodgrain)
5L Frankenthaler Export
5L Frankenthaler Export2
5L Furstenburg (Woodgrain)
5L Furstenburg
5L Gilde1 (Woodgrain)
5L Gilde2 (Woodgrain)
5L Gilde3 (has some dents)
5L Gold Fassl
5L Gold Ochsen (Woodgrain)
5L Gold Ochsen Premium
5L Gold Ochsen Ulmer Pilsener (Woodgrain)
5L Gold Star (ISRAEL)
5L Haller Lowenbrau
5L Hannen Alt
5L Harke Pils
5L Harke
5L Heller Marzen (Woodgrain)
5l Henninger (green)
5L Henninger Export (red)
5L Henninger Kaiser (older design)
5L Henninger Kaiser
5L Henninger Kaiser2
5L Herforder Pils (blue)
5L Herforder
5L Hochdorfer
5L Hochenburger
5L Hochstift1
5L Hochstift2
5L Hoepfner Export
5L Hoepfner Pilsener
5L Hohenloher
5L Jever (light green)
5L Jever2
5L Karlsbrau Spezial
5L Konig Pilsener
5L Konigsbacher Pils
5L Krombacher1
5L Krombacher2
5L Kulmbacher Edelherb (Woodgrain)
5L Kulmbacher Reichelbrau
5L Kulmbacher Sandlerbrau
5L Leeuw
5L Licher1
5L Licher2
5L Licher2
5L Lindener (Woodgrain)
5L Lindener (Woodgrain)
5L Lowenbrau Zurich Dark
5L Lowenbrau Zurich
5L Martini
5L Molson Canadian
5L Monchshof (blue)
5L Monchshof (dented top)
5L Monchshof Schwartz
5L Monchshor Schwarz
5L Moninger Export (red/gold)
5L Moninger Pils
5L Moravia Pils (Woodgrain)
5L Moravia Pils
5L Old Detroit (US, with picture of car)
5L Palmbrau Unser(Woodgrain)
5L Patrizier
5L Paulaner Echt
5L Pfungstadter
5L Pilskrone
5L Plochinger1
5L Plochinger2
5L Prinz (white)
5L Prinz
5L Reichel Brau (blue pils1)
5L Reichel Brau (blue pils2)
5L Reichel Brau (red pils)
5L Riegeler (red)
5L Riegeler (Woodgrain)
5L Romer Pils1 (Woodgrain)
5L Romer Pils2 (Woodgrain)
5L Schlosser Alt
5L Schoenbuch
5L Schultheiss
5L Staropramen
5L Stasuder Pils (scratchy)
5L Stasuder Pils (Woodgrain)
5L Stella Artois
5L Stiegl
5L Thurn and Taxis
5L Tucher (Woodgrain)
5L Tucher
5L Warsteiner (white/ gold)
5L Warsteiner
5L Warsteiner2
5L Warsteiner3
5L Wieninger
5L Will Pils
5L Wurzburger (picture of a glass of beer)
5L Wurzburger Hofbrau
5L Zoller
5L Zunft Kolsch
5LTALL Karlsbrau (crimped steel)
Patrizier2 (Woodgrain)