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12 Ounce Cone Top Beer Cans of the British Isles

Here are all of the 12 ounce cone top beer cans of the British Isles that I know about. Of course, there are others that I don't know about. It is these cans in which I am most interested. If you have any of the cans pictured here (or any which are not pictured here), please contact me. I am always seeking quality vintage beer cans and will pay top dollar for any cans for my collection. Please email me if you have any unique vintage beer cans. Thanks and enjoy the photos!
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Anchor Export

Barclay Perkins & Co. Ltd. Sparkling Beer

Barclay's Export Imperial Stout

2 Barclay's Export Pilsner Lager

2 Barclay's Export Sparkling Beer

Beaver Lager Beer (C. Machen & Hudson)

Beer - at it's best (Metal Box promo)



Castletown Isle of Man First Prize Ale

Castletown Blue Label Mild Ale

Castletown Red Label Pale Ale

E & O Burke paper label

Farrimonds FB

2 Farrimonds paper labels

Felinfoel Ale

Felinfoel Brewery Co. Ltd. Pale Ale

Golden Export Ale


Hull Brewery Crystal Ales

Jeffreys India Pale Ale

Jeffreys Lager Beer

Jeffreys XXX Stout

McEwan's Export

McEwan's India Pale Ale

2 McEwan's Red Label Sparkling Beer

Red Tower Export

Red Tower Pilsner Lager

Red Tower Export Ale

Simonds Beer

Simonds Golden Dry

Simonds Pale Ale

Simonds SB

Steel Coulson Export Beer

Steel Coulson Scotch Ale

Tennents Lager Beer

Tennents Pilsener Beer

2 Tennents Strong Ale

2 Tennents XXX Stout

Truman Brown Ale

George Younger's Scotch Pale Ale

George Younger's Sparkling Ale

If you have any of the cone top beer cans pictured here, (or any that are not pictured here), I would be interested in knowing about them. Please email Jeff Lebo at by clicking here. Thank you.